Resources on building a Shopify store

I've decided I'm going to open a Shopify store. I'm completely new to this though, and the online business I have in mind doesn't sound to me like the typical Shopify store. I know Shopify has lots of custom features and apps available, but I'm having trouble figuring out if I would be able to build this website myself (I'm good with computers but I'm not a programmer or developer) or if I should hire a developer to do this – and then, if I should hire a developer, where to look for one. I've checked out Fiverr but I've heard of lots of people getting really poor results. My budget is also limited to 10k at most and ideally less than 5k.

Does anyone have any guides or resources they could recommend for getting started in this situation? Or maybe reference someone to consult with?

If it helps, one example of a custom feature I want to incorporate is I want some products to ONLY be purchase-able with gift cards, while others will only be purchase-able with traditional payment methods. Sounds weird I know, but I have reasons, and I have no idea if Shopify gives that as an option.

Any help is VERY appreciated.

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