In your opinion, is this a scam Shopify order or legitimate?

I sell 12" x 12" black acrylic for photography in Canada + US mainly, but ship worldwide, and received the following request, in your opinions is this legitmate? What should I do to keep myself safe as the seller?:

Hi there,

I am interested in buying 200 pieces of your "PRODUCT NAME"… I am recommending a freight co for the pick up. I would like to to get in touch with the shippers with total weight for the items to determine freight cost, here is the delivery address:

Example something

Example something

South Africa

The shipping co info:

Contact Name: Bryan McCord
Primary Contact: ASSHIPPING (at) USA.COM

Try and CC me a copy of what you will be sending to the freight company…

Kindly include the place of pick-up location, and they will surely get you a freight quote. Immediately when you hear from them, go ahead and email me back with the grand total cost of the transaction so that I can proceed with the payment with my Credit Card.


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