Processing partial returns on Bundle orders

I am wondering what the industry standard is for processing a partial return when a customer places an order and takes advantage of a discount that is offered from a bundle (adding an additional product to their order).

For example, a customer orders two products, one worth $70, one worth $30. The Company offers 20% off the total cart when the second product is added, so the discounted sale amount is $80. The customer later decides they would like to return the $20 product. Do you refund:

a) $30 – the most generous, probably makes the least sense. Essentially results in a ~29% discount on the $70 product.

b) $24 – this would result in the customer maintaining the 20% discount on the $70 product, despite returning the product they purchased that was necessary to get that offer.

c) $10 – meaning after the return, the customer will have paid full price for the $70 product. If this is what you do, how would you handle a customer that says they could have used a 10% coupon but instead bundled for the 20%? Do you refund $17 to get them to the 10% off?

I understand there may be no right answer, and it's all subject to how you much or how little you want to invest in your customer experience / support, I'm just curious to hear what other companies do.

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