Can’t access Facebook Shop

Wondering if anyone's ever come across this issue because I'm about to go crazy.

Earlier today I realized customers couldn't see the products in our shop, it was just blank. I didn't know at first because on my end it's fine. No issues or errors in commerce manager, products, and shop is activated and published. The sales channel is visible as well, not in preview mode. Weirdest part is those who are admin of the page can see products on the front end but when I asked other coworkers and friends they couldn't.

I reached out to Facebook and they basically said everything looks fine for them and they can see the product and it's probably the error on the user end. But I asked 6 people to check for me and every single one of them said it was blank. A couple hours later my Facebook shop showed the following error ( and when I tried to report it, I got an error on that too lol. I'm about to give up.

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