Marketing a product against manufacturers guidence


Ahead of the launch of AirTags I have designed a silicon wristband which can hold an airtag, found someone to make a mould and produce mock ups and I'm ready to start selling on my own website and amazon.

The idea is that the wristband would enable parents (particularly of SEN children) to quickly find children who become separated from their kids in busy environments. My marketing will be clear about the limitations of using AirTags and that it is not designed to track children however Apple seem pretty keen to dissuade people from using AirTags for this purpose.

So far I'm only a couple of hundred pounds invested but once my AirTag arrives at the weekend I have confirmed that it works how I expect it to, I plan on ordering these bands in bulk at a cost to myself of several hundreds of pounds.

I'm starting to get nervous that Apple may take action against me for promoting their product in a way that they don't intent it to be used or worse, sue me. How realistic a risk is this?

I really believe AirTags can be a game changer for carers in certain circumstances but I can't afford to spend thousands to produce and market a product I may be forbidden to sell.

Any advise or thoughts would be welcome.

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