Question about gift cards

So I'm starting an email newsletter and would like to reward the first 1000 subscribers with a gift card that could be used in few small online e-commerce sites relevant to the newsletter.

Is there an easy way for me to create an online gift card that could be used in few businesses of my choice (if the businesses want to accept that gift card ofc).

The newsletter is quite a niche so I won't waste your time explaining the topic but can give you an example that hopefully helps explain what I'm asking.

So basically, let's say I'm starting an email newsletter about dyslexia. I would like to give subscribers an online gift card, and the online gift card could be used only in three small online stores that are all owned by people with dyslexia. The online stores are using different software. Is there some way to create such a gift card (let's say for the sake of the example that these online stores are receptive to the idea of accepting the gift card if it's easy for them)?

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