Ugh. TSYS (via is charging my client 6% of all their credit card purchases & donations. Alternatives?

Last month, my non-profit client collected $70K of donations and purchases via the API I developed for them. fees are reasonable, something like $100 per month, plus $.10 per transaction. However, TSYS, our payment processor, billed the client $4,370 which amounted to 6.2% of the total they collected. Their 'base rate' is only 2.7%, but then they have loads of add-on fees that more than double the expense.

As much as I'd like to, I can't just switch my client over to Stripe, not without creating huge headaches regarding the hundreds of automatically recurring subscriptions we have running through authnet.

Does anyone have any experience with the different payment processors that work with Are any of them more reasonable?

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