How did you know you had something good?

Yeah clickbait. But really; lets throw out all the "well I make a 1000% markup on this product that blew up overnight and now I do $10MM a year in sales" stuff. And lets leave out personal situations from trying to switch from a part time side gig to a full time" story stuff.

so with those kind of situations out of the way, how did you KNOW your store was something that was "working" in any since? Simply making SOME profit? Did you set a revenue target and hit it? Order total? What?

I have a store now that is crossing about 10k/month in revenue and I am trying to define how "successful" it is, and for me, the only way for me to even start to understand the success level was to convert all my accounting over to the double-book method. Before I was just taking WAG at what money I had and where it was.

What are some other methods you use to meter your success? Accounting; Goals? Metrics? I am just trying to get a general list going of methods other people use to help define their success.

This is more for chit chat than anything. Thanks

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