My top 5 learnings from spending 200k on Facebook Ads

  1. Always optimize for the intended result

Facebook knows who’s most likely to purchase from an ad, engage with an ad, click an ad, or simply do nothing. If you’re optimizing for link clicks, Facebook is great at finding the people who are most likely to click on your ad. However, if you're optimizing for purchase conversions, Facebook will show your ad to people who are most likely to purchase on your website. The same goes for every other objective option you can optimize for.

  1. Know your numbers

It amazes me how many business owners don’t know how much they can spend to acquire a new customer. You will set yourself up for success if you know your numbers. Metrics every business owner should know: break-even ROAS, break-even CPA, conversion rate, average order value. With these metrics you can optimize your campaign in a data-driven way.

  1. Analyse with enough data

“This ad has spent €5 dollar, has 3 ATC but zero sales, what should I do?” We all know this guy who uses emotion analysing his campaign. To properly analyse campaigns we need the right amount of data. Don’t even look at an ad before it has spent 2x AOV.

  1. Creative is your targeting

Creative > Targeting. The algorithm of Facebook is way smarter than us, with its machine learning it will optimize to show our ads to the best people available. Facebook is removing audience insights for example, because they want us to focus on creating content that converts they will take care of the best targeting, placements etc. Especially UGC is performing really well for us. If you are not using UGC you are missing out BIG TIME.

  1. The Facebook Ad library is your best friend

To know which creatives your competitors are running is an absolute goldmine of information. If a competitor is running an ad for a couple of months you can make an assumption that that specific ad is working for them. Take these key findings (Different angles, hooks, type of content etc) in account when shooting your creatives. Doing research will set you up for success.

Would love to chat with you guys about your learnings!

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