Software recommendation to connect multiple 3pl vendors into a single hub?

Let’s say there is an ecommerce (woocommerce) store and there is a need to have multiple separate 3pl vendors in 5 different regions.

I don’t find a single 3pl vendor that would have their own warehouses in each of these 5 locations I need, thus let’s say I have to work with 5 separate 3pl vendors.

What kind of software could help to integrate all of these separate 3pl vendors into a single hub? Is there any standard they have to comply with for this to be capable? We don’t want to write any API integration code manually.

We want to integrate that hub into our ecommerce store one time and then it would auto forward the orders into the correct warehouse.

Also we have a requirement for such a software to be less that < 50usd per month for a starting package. Our volume is low, but I don’t want to spend time 6 months from now reintegrating everything, so want to do it future proof way right from the beginning.

I have never worked with 3pl vendors so maybe I’m missing something very obvious.

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