The Reality of Growing a Business with Young Kids

Garret and Deeanne Akerson are the co-founders of Kindred Bravely, which creates maternity and nursing clothes that are beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly, useful. The company was founded in 2015 and two years later won the Shopify Build a BIGGER Business Competition as one of the fastest growing online retailers.

Garret and Deeanne have an incredibly successful business story, but in this episode we’re talking about something that doesn’t get discussed a lot: how do you build a meaningful and successful business while also raising kids? We’re getting candid on the parenting front and are talking about what Garret and Deeanne did well, what they didn’t do well, and what they learned from their experience. They also share the one key skill that they believe you should have to scale a company rapidly and have a successful outcome.

You'll learn:

  • What it was like building a successful business with young kids. (6:40)
  • What they did to balance parenting and business life. (15:00)
  • What they wish they had done differently. (26:15)
  • How much they get their kids involved in the business. (31:45)
  • How they get work done effectively while working from home. (34:45)
  • How they use a hybrid homeschooling and regular schooling while running a business. (38:00)
  • How Kindred Bravely was born. (41:20)
  • How they transitioned from Amazon to Shopify. (44:45)
  • How they balanced growth versus profitability. (48:00)
  • The must-haves they look for when they’re hiring. (52:50)
  • How they managed inventory in the early days. (56:15)

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(With your host Andrew Youderian of and Garret and Deeanne Akerson of Kindred Bravely)

What Was Mentioned:

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“It’s impossible to separate this business from the children.” – Deeanne Akerson
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“I’m really good at getting things done, but I’m really bad at fun.” – Deeanne Akerson
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“Education beats the curiosity out of kids.” – @geakerson
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