Tips about ECC (Enhanced Credit Capability)

Hi fellow Redditors! I'm looking for advice on applying for Authorize.Net's Enhanced Credit Capabilities feature. In a nutshell, I work at a large University where we recently switched to Authorize.Net to collect deposits for keys instead of using an old school credit card terminal. This change was driven largely by the pandemic, but also by a desire to modernize our operations and reduce the reliance on our old credit card machine. Long story short: we collect a deposit from students in exchange for providing physical keys to the building. The deposit it charged against the student's credit card using Authorize.Net. Upon graduation, this student returns the keys in exchange for a refund of said deposit. Here's where we run into a problem: normally Authorize.Net only allows merchants to perform what's called "linked" refunds; that is, a refund on a customer's credit card has to be linked to the original "charge" transaction. Moreover, the original charge transaction must have happened within 180 days of the refund. Our students, however, stick around for a lot longer than 180 days, and as such, we need to be able to refund their deposits years after they'd paid them. To be able to issue "unlinked" refunds (that is arbitrary refunds not linked to a charge transaction that happened in the last 180 days), one needs to apply for ECC (Enhanced Credit Capabilities), a free feature that needs to be enabled on one's Authorize.Net account. While the feature is free, an application and approval from is required before it can be enabled.

I understand why credit card companies have policies re: refunds, however, at the same time, I think we have a legitimate use case here that I think warrants ECC (Enhanced Credit Capabilities). Therefore, I wanted to reach out to this community to see if anyone has had any experience applying for ECC, and if there are any caveats/gotchas we should watch out for… Any other pointers in general?

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