Threatening email to my e-commerce business – any advice

Hi all was hoping to get an opinion on what to do.

I run several websites under one company – drop shipping and have a general email for the holding company.

My websites are all drop shipping to US customers mostly and my company is Australian.

So I got an email from a gmail address and the guy just signed it his first name no firm name or anything either. It said he was investigating my firm on behalf of some clients who had their money stolen from us and specifically one site.

And that he would be contacting local regulatory authorities since we are based in Australia. And he requested comment from us.

Now the above is not true as we always ship out and refund usually if there is a problem. Of course on some occasions we don’t refund if we disagree and sometimes we get disputes too of course and that’s then up to the bank.

I’m wondering though should I respond to this strange email? It might be a pissed off customer I guess. Or it could be someone acting on behalf of clients as he says. But surely he’d have a firm email and provide more info on who he is.

Any advice?

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