$1,500 Order: How to Deal with Refunds?

Hi All,

A customer made a $1,500 purchase on my online store using Afterpay. The fee for this is 6% or $90 in addition to $17.41 shipping/insurance. All in all, it's $107.41 out of pocket for me.

The customer emailed asking to return the item simply because they did not like how it looked. (Note: the product was not damaged, used, or unfit for purpose).

I'm based in the USA and my online store states that I only offer store credit or exchanges. What would be the best course of action here? I don't want an angry customer calling my company "THEIVES" if I follow my refund/return policy….

Would appreciate any feedback because if I accept the return and issue a full refund I'm out of $107.41.

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