A 26-Point Checklist for Your Google Analytics Account

After performing dozens of audits in the last few years, there are few items I like to check when cleaning up a google analytics account:

  1. How Many Channels Do You Have?

  2. Do You Have a Lower Case Filter Applied?

  3. Is Social Tracked Correctly?

  4. Are Your Google Ads Linked Correctly?

  5. Do Your URL's Have Potential Casing Issues?

  6. Do You Have Query Parameter Fragmentation?

  7. Are You Collecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

  8. Are Your A/B Experiments Integrated?

  9. Does Your Website Have a Search Feature? Is it Setup?

  10. Do Your Onsite Search Keywords Have Casing Issues?

  11. Are Your Staging/Test Domains Being Collected?

  12. Are Bots In Your Analytics?

  13. Sessions with Hits >= 500?

  14. Exceeding 10 Million Hits?

  15. Are Your Goals Working?

  16. Does Your Attribution Look Right?

  17. Is Staging/Test Traffic Removed?

  18. Are Transactions Aligned With Your Backend?

  19. How Many Transaction IDs Are Duplicated?

  20. Are Test Transactions Being Filtered?

  21. Does Your Shopping Funnel Look Correct (Does Each Bar Get Smaller)?

  22. Are You Tracking Product Lists Correctly?

  23. Are You Using Internal Promotions?

  24. Any Referral Attribution Issues?

  25. Are Your Demographics & Interest Reports Enabled?

  26. Is Google Search Console Linked?

After checking for the same items, I came up with the idea to build this automated Google Analytics audit tool.

Many companies start their data analysis and make important business decisions with the lack of a proper setup. You can imagine the hours wasted and negative impact on their businesses.
Perform your first Google Analytics setup check and you will notice checks in the Google Analytics audit report, each with a “PASS” or “FAIL” and a total score. The “Scorecard” sheet provides quick feedback on each of the checks and rates your overall Google Analytics setup and data with a score ranging from 0 to 100. The “Scorecard Explanation” sheet provides accurate numbers on the checks and more in-depth feedback about your score and where/how to improve it.

What are your thoughts on my tool? I would love to hear your feedback!

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