Help me diagnose and fix low google ad impressions please

I have an indie beauty brand. My website has existed for a while and I've invested some in SEO and also building backlinks. If people google my keywords (and they are not hyper specific), my site shows up in the top 6 sites, sometimes as high as #3. AND my product shows up in the row of Top Products with a photo (not the top row of sponsored products but the lower down row of "Top Products) – I'm not even paying for that.

(Btw I'm barely squeaking sales onto the site, so I'm not sure how Google can consider me a "top product")

Problem: I've placed my first google ads a week ago. I set budgets of $15/day for each of two ads (recommended by Google Ads). Result: ZERO impressions on either ad.

I really, really need to start driving traffic to my site. My question is just about ads here (I am also working on writing blogs and getting reviews but that takes longer).

What do I need to do to get Google to show my ads? I'm happy to share google stats if you let me know what's relevant.

I much appreciate feedback.

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