Investing Question – 5 year eCommerce plan

Hello everyone, i have a very important decision to make and would like to hear your opinion.

I try to simplfy to current situation. Probalby its not all the data and information you would like to have. Im still very interested in everyones answer to get a clearer brain about the task. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

A clients plan is to make 8 times more revenue than right now in 5 years. Right now hes selling 5 orders a day. So the goal will be around 30 to 40 a day. He is currently working with Shopify and the product data is saved in in a simple filemaker database. He is now planing to invest into a Magento-Shop (based on a theme) and a PIM-System to be technicly scalable inside his 5 year plan. I suggested to start growing the business with digital marketing ("growth hacking"), digital branding measures and optimizing the current shop. Then decide step by step if a new system is needed.

What would be your approach? Please feel free criticize or questioning my way. Another question is: Is a 5 year plan in todays ecommerce industry possible?

Thank you so much for your insights.

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