How do you deal with crazy/obsessive customer?

I own a beauty ecommerce and this customer purchased $15 worth of my eyeshadow palette. She then posted on her IG and FB, sharing how happy she was with them. A month later, she emails me, leaves a bad review on my website saying that the product did not work and that I did not respond to her email. I looked through, she did not send me an email, however, I did move her review to pending instead of approving it. She starts leaving crazy comments on my ads saying how my company is a fraud, etc. I reached out to her and gave her a refund. Two days later – refund is still processing at this point, she claims that I did not refund her. I calmly tell her it takes two days processing time but she says she JUST received it as if I JUST sent it cuz she messaged me again. She starts cussing, blah blah, I stopped responding.

A week later, today, she messages me again saying that the refund amount is pending and that it is my bank problem. I literally refunded from the shopify balance to her original payment method so I'm honestly just emotionally drained from this person. She somehow finds my IG, starts leaving nasty comments and is out of control. I really hate blocking people, I try my best to be understanding and refund almost all the time even when it's not my fault, but I ended up blocking her. I feel really guilty even though I did nothing wrong but I usually proud myself with customer service and this is not how I wanted it to be.

Is there a better way to approach crazy customers?

TLDR; I refunded an angry customer who enjoyed and used my product, she claims that I didn't refund and leaves hate/nasty comments on my business account over all social platforms. (Replying to my other customers that they should never shop here,etc).

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