My top 6 tips for high-converting paid creatives

How to make great paid social ad creatives:

1 Design for Second 0

First Frame and beyond should include all of your value props (e.g. logo, product shots, key messaging, CTA)
Minimize the amount of text used on-screen, do all of the explaining on your website.

2 Tell the user exactly what you want him/her to do.

Think strategically about formats here.
If you show a video, you’re telling users that you want them to watch a video. If you show a Still Image, you’re presenting a quick way to digest info and then quickly take action.

3 Deliver shorter ads

Ads 3-5 seconds are more memorable (by 20%) than longer ones. Shorter ads achieve significantly higher completion rates.

4 Get vertical!!!

Design for (or even create on) and review on mobile. You can edit ads right in IG stories, TikTok, CapCut…

5 Make It Organic Looking

Ads that feature UGC look and feel and speaking to the camera can help drive longer view duration.

6 The Power of 1

Each asset should focus on ONE objective, ONE audience, ONE product. Deliver a single-minded message. Since you are showing everything in frame 0, you don’t want to cause information overload. Break your assets down into different focuses. This will also help to see what truly resonates with your audience. Your creative IS your targeting.

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