5 Facebook creative tips to improve results

  1. Always design ads for sound off

85% of videos are watched without sound. If you are not optimizing your video’s with sound-off you are missing out.

  1. Be native for the platform

Don’t make it look like an ad. Make it really engaging, UGC works really well. People are not on Facebook/IG looking for ads, they are on the platform to see what other people are up to, so being organic with your ads works really well for us.

  1. Be attention grabbing

You need to capture the attention in the first 2s, people are scrolling quick trough feed/stories. They decide in a split second if they will watch or keep scrolling, the hook needs to come quick en be really attention grabbing.

  1. Tell them what to do

Tell the user exactly what you want him/her to do. People need to be told the next step is to “shop now / learn more” otherwise they probably will keep on scrolling. Make the process super simple.

  1. Always be testing

Everyone reacts to things different, so testing is the key to success.
What are things worth testing; primary copy, headlines, descriptions, thumbnails, text overlays, hooks etc 😉

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