A shady company is using our Address and Phone number on their shipping labels & inserts

I don't know how or if this is legal but there is a shady ecommerce (looks like a shady drop shipping store) shipping their orders with our company name, address, and phone number on their shipping labels. We don't dropship our products or sell any of the items they are selling.

We've been getting multiple random calls from people complaining about how and item that we don't sell wasn't as describe. And we have to try to explain to them that the website they purchased their item from was not ours and that the website they bought from scammed them and put our info in the insert and labels so that the customer would call us and complain and not them.

How do I stop this shady store from using our address and number in their inserts and shipping labels? There's no contact page on their website or email lol

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