Expanding business to the European market. Looking for SEO recommendations.

Hello everybody! I would like to expand my business to the European market, but you probably got it from the title. So, I'm looking for some recommendations and suggestions regarding an SEO company. At the moment, I have one site working for the US&Canada markets. I would like to open another one with my partners that will operate in the EU countries and the UK. Probably I will start with the UK, and then move to other countries.

I'm a car spare parts retailer. I started with a small shop, but then I moved towards e-commerce and started to sell my goods online. This step was crucial in my business history because I increased my monthly profit. It helped me expand my business all over the US and Canadian markets. Still, I cannot say that I'm the best one, but the market allows many players to operate.

Now, I see a lot of potential in the European market. Besides, the demand for European car spare parts in the US is even increasing. I would like to take this opportunity, and I want to open another company, which will work tightly we the one I have in the US. I'm not going too deep into details and will talk about the help I'm looking for.

The new online store needs to face the current competition in the EU market. Besides, I need to make sure that it will be on at least two Google search pages. That'sThat's why I need an excellent SEO company that will agree to help me with my project.

At the moment, I found a few companies that seem to me or less okay. One of them I found on Still, I need some review or recommendations before I decide with whom I will start working. I also want them to provide me with some guarantees, inform me about the steps they are doing and any problems they face.

If you know any good SEO companies or know something about the company I shared above, please let me know. Thank you in advance!

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