How do you deal with constant product/inventory updates?

Hello everyone, we have a business selling mainly lifestyle products, we don't hold any stock but we deal with about 15 suppliers who supply us with about 10,000 items from over 100 brands.

We have constant stock updates from our suppliers, ranging from new items, price changes, stock changes, and bundles/offers.

We have a very simple workflow: supplier sends item list, we search for the item model number or barcode, find the info online, list it, and start selling. And if it's already listed adjust any stock/price changes.

However, this simple workflow gets very complicated when you combine it with the number of suppliers, items, and brands that we have, as well as the limited budget we're currently on.

I was just wondering if anyone faced anything similar and has any tips and tricks that worked for them. I'd love to automate it one day but I tried and it was very hard and near impossible.

Any feedback would be great! Thanks!

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