Resellers asking us for ‘their price’ – why?

First time customers asking us for reseller discounts? Why?

Hi, we run a small engineering tool resale business and we are doing quite well considering only 3 people are working here;

As we are smashing the google rankings, lately we have been getting many resellers ringing us up asking us for pricing on items.

Considering they got the product and contact information from our website, we find it really annoying and a waste of our time that they are ringing up to get a price. But the reason is they are asking us for reseller discounts, and this is where I get confused.

  1. Why do these resellers automatically feel entitled to a discount?

  2. If you have never bought from us before, why do you think we will give you a discount for reselling ?

  3. They are never after quantity ; it is always for 1 of 1 item. Again, why do you think you will get a discount when you have no relationship with us and you are buying 1 thing for $40?

Am I missing something , am I being rude or out of place or anything like that? Because they are always like shocked / confused but the matter of fact is half these resellers are from actual established big multi chain stores such as total tools.

I can absolutely understand asking for a discount if you are buying multiple things from us at a consistent rate, but one off’s really have me confused about their confidence.

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