Video essays on e-commerce?

I've seen some great YouTube videos that delve into interesting topics about social issues, mental health, mainstream media, and so on. Channels such as Nerdwriter1 and CPGrey are examples of this. I wonder has there been a similar angle from a e-commerce perspective produced by small creators? Going deep into the intangible abstract aspects of the industry? I've seen some by Business Insider that are more journalistic, but aren't as deep in terms of quality.

Alternatively, are there in-depth articles on this topic in a similar style that are independently published? I would love to hear people talk at length about topics like "why personal branding can matter to a big e-commerce company" or maybe something that talks about a comparison of brands vs cults and what that means in the context of consumerism.

I am subscribed to various newsletters but the content I'm coming across tends are articles and aren't as contemplative about the bigger picture. Would like to engage with the industry at a deeper level. Thanks in advance!

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