A Replacement WMS

Currently we use are a 3PL warehouse that uses MAVES View Point Logistics software and we have for a very long time, but recently there have been a lot of problems with it. We have a full support contract with MAVES however the tickets just seem to sit there for months. When I inquire about the status of a ticket they always say they are “working on it”. It’s like they just don’t care.

What we need in a WMS, in my perspective is the following -Receiving of orders -Lot tracking -Pick tickets -Multiple types of receipt orders -Specialty receipt support -Reverse and voiding of receipts -Appointment scheduling -Dock scheduling -Cross-docking -Vendor data tracking -Mobile scanner barcode support

Has anyone had a similar experience with MAVES, and if so, what other WMS did you move to that checks all the boxes but doesn’t have the support issues?

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