After building my ecomm for a while I’m finally facing the harsh realities of the market. I ran my first set of ads and my drop rate is terrible, but my cost per click appears to be above average. What could help me?

Hey, I've been reading your posts for a while and found them to be very helpful when I was bootstrapping, but now it's time to go public. Since I'm a software developer, everything you see was created by me, which allowed me to drastically reduce costs.

Last weekend, I ran my first collection of Facebook ads (I know, it was probably the worst time because of the IOS update, but what else can I do…), and my CPC was about $0.21. Despite that descent metric, I was having such a terrible time with my website, the bounce rate was around 6 seconds… Some of them don't even scroll. I've read a lot of strategies like adding a discount code banner, adding popups, and adding more user benefits, and I'll definitely put them into action in the near future.

I know that facebook Power5 algorithm is super efficient the longer you let your ads run. Could it be that all the users that clicked were somehow intrigued, but not real customers for my product. I only ran my ads for 36h. FYI I had 24ads (12Canada, 12USA) some of them were only pictures and some were videos. Since it was my first set of ads I sprayed really larged.

With all of this, I'm curious if you see something I've overlooked. Do you have any suggestions that you think I might use?


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