Little Help For a Client Using Oscommerce And Recommendation to Either Bandaid it or Change Platforms

Any help is greatly appreciated. I do copy, SEO consulting, and Analytics. I'm have been familiar with Volusion, Shopify, and Woo – but I'm a little out of the game of managing those.

I have a client that has an OScommerce store, 7 to 9-years old. They feel it's antiquated and are having issues with it. They 'think' they would like a site that is simpler, and more automated.

Issues: 1)shipping prices change based on what time or when the shipping is calculated. 2) during shipping, if you spell anything wrong or mess anything up it just says error – very time-consuming. 3) paypal issues with different shipping and billing addresses.

I'm not sure if this is an oscommerce issue, module/plugin issue, or something else. They are wondering if fixing the current site or moving to a new platform is better.

Looking at around 100 products. I'm not sure what they are willing to spend, but they are aware that it will be in investment. I'd like to have a vision of what a fix or a transfer might cost them so they have a direction to look.

Please feel free to comment on something I can research or give them to research, questions to ask or just a quick rundown of what kind of prices/timeframe they can expect. There is a very good chance that I will handhold the transition to the new platform as from an SEO perspective this has to be done carefully.

Again – thanks for your help.

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