Out of curiosity: what are the rules regarding taxes in your country when you are just starting out and basically have no real “revenue” from your e-commerce?

Hi everyone,

I'm a noob who is planning to open one or multiple online stores at some point, and I'm curious about how "starting out" works in other countries. I am Italian and, generally speaking, it seems to me that my country doesn't really want to let you "do things" or just let you supplement your income. I have a full time job and, even if hope that one day I'll be able to make some decent money with e-commerce or other websites, it would be nice if I could AT LEAST manage to make some extra cash on top of my salary, just to have an easier life. It seems kinda silly to me tho, that if you decide to open a company that is basically just YOU, through an almost maintenance cost-free thing like a website, you will have to start paying taxes right away, even if you have no real revenue. I've heard something like 900€ every 3 months or so. Yes, I still have to talk in person with an accountant, I know. I was planning to do that, but that got delayed for various reasons. That being said, I'm fairly sure that in this country, you will have to pay taxes no matter what you do and what your level is. And most of the times, companies or free contractors have to pay taxes in advance, based on what their EXPECTED revenue will be. And in this case, you have taxes on your revenue AND what we call "imposte", that are "fixed taxes" that you have to pay regardless if you make money or not, just so that you are legally allowed to earn money. That's a bit discouraging.

How do things work in your country? What if you just wanted to try something small, like a Redbubble store, just to make some extra cash? Are you also forced to pay taxes in advance on things that you just wanted to test?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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