Reliable Payment Processor other then Stripe?

Hey Lads,

I am a Swiss citizen with a Swiss Bank account and an LLC registered in Wyoming USA. I am currently looking for another Payment Processor to have some backups but it turns out to be a pain with where I live.


Yes, Stripe is the go to but I've heard many horror-stories of them holding funds for 10+ months, same with PayPal. charges a monthly fee which is just not a good go-to for starter businesses.

Lastly, getting a merchant account in Switzerland is a very good option but MY GOD it is a pain to integrate it with a Payment Gateway on Shopify.

Here is the list of all the accepted payment gateways in Switzerland.

Any on here that you had good experiences with? Or can I look at US Payment Gateways since my LLC is registered in Wyoming USA?

Thank you for the help in advance 🙂

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