Best CMS for a service with no pricing

Hey y'all!

I am about to start working with a very small organization which does community outreach in my area.

The task that I will be undertaking is converting what they have now into something that is much less convoluted and easier to manage.

Essentially, the general process is this:

  1. Member adds items to their cart. There is no price or cost for these items.

  2. They order them to their nearest pickup location, which are restocked every Wed. and Sun.

  3. Chosen items are taken out of the mySQL database.

  4. Receipt of chosen items is sent to both the customer and the manager in case of any issues

  5. When donations are received, they are added to the database, increasing the number of products available after inputting them.

Right now WordPress with WooCommerce is being used, however it is extremely bloated. The person who worked on it before added way to many plugins that do similar things, so it runs very slowly. Plus, all that seemed to be done was price was simply removed from view from the end user. Price will still come up at the very end for $0.00, even though price shouldn't even be something we need to keep track of.

Really what I need is something that adjusts the inventory database depending on what customers order, or when we input donations into the database.

Do you guys have any good suggestions, such as to just do a clean install of WordPress + WooCommerce, another CMS altogether, or maybe something else I haven't thought of?

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