How to get more traffic on our website?

I need help from those who used SEO services to increase the conversion of an e-commerce website. We sell different items and gifts, especially those made out of wood (my father makes fantastic things). So, our website is based on WordPress, and we had to implement several important plugins to increase its optimization for SEO. I'm not a pro, but I followed different guides to set up everything correctly. And in general, I think our design is cool and should attract more people, but…

Statistics say that our traffic is not the best in the world. In fact, the problem is that our advertising companies seem to be less effective than we expected. We don't get enough unique users, but at the same time, we spend a significant amount of money on these programs. We thought that Facebook targeting would be an effective tool, but the reality says otherwise. We also tried to advertise in the local newspapers (it's kind of dumb, I know) and local online websites without success. Now I think that we had to hire a professional company to do this.

Many people told me about white hat SEO strategies, especially link building method that helps increase the conversion. But I'm not really sure if search engines consider these tools of digital marketing as something acceptable. For example, I read on that link building is a top strategy to boost search engine rankings. But honestly, I don't want to get any penalties from search engines like Google, so that's why I'm pretty suspicious. So, it would be nice to hear your opinion about link building and other SEO strategies.

What's the best strategy for our niche (selling gifts)? And what do you think about Facebook ads? Thanks.

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