Any Shopify app that can enable “get this design also on” kinda feature on my POD store?


I'm looking for a feature as displayed in the images here-

Context: I'm planning to open a POD store where one design would be used on multiple products- all apparel for now. What I'd like is whenever a user checks out one product, all products having the same design should be displayed in this fashion with men & women separate and an ATC button there.

Another option could be to have a drop-down button with a list of products (t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc) but the product display should also change accordingly and it shouldn't hinder the POD app in the backend.

Please help if you can!

PS: I've blurred the design, model faces, etc because it feels unethical to use someone's website like this, but I had no other way to explain it better.

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