Chapter 1 Step by Step Blueprint To Sell Products Online, (in North America) – Chapter 1 – The Riches are in the Niches – Find your Niche and Products

I'm the retired Founder of a large Canadian Specialty Equipment online store. I am writing an ebook, and would like to share a couple of the best take away from the first chapter here:

*Sell Equipment, Tools, Attachments, Devices, Machinery, Accessories, Appliances. We have found that a really good product is one that HELPS others make more money while doing their job.

You’ve heard that the Pick, Axe, and Shovel sellers made more money than the gold miners, back in the Gold Rush era.

The 10 Top Criteria I recommend for choosing products:

• The items are NOT for sale in many local retail stores.

• Items are made by only a few manufacturers.

• Don’t choose products that are on the ‘best product’, or ‘top seller’ lists.

• Choose a product that has a good mark-up or margin from wholesale to retail. (shoot for 30% to 50% on expensive items)

• Price for the main items can start at a few hundred dollars, up to a couple thousand.

• Product can ship easily. From Canada Post\_Preparing/Prep\_parcels-e.pdf :

• No one dimension may exceed 2 m (78.7 in.)

• Max Size: L + G = 3 m (118 in.) – Max Weight: 30 kg (66 lb.) • Best if your manufacturing partner is in your continent (ex: North America)

• Do keyword research and see how popular items are.

What is a good product that fits the above criteria?

What to sell? Other Ideas to Ignite your Creative Spark:

Here are a few that will work well, with North American manufacturers:

• High End Custom Guitars (Godin, Fender, PRS, )

• Designer or Boutique Guitar Amplifier (Friedman, Bogner, Devilcat)

• Standby Emergency Generators (Generac, Briggs & Stratton, )

• Air Compressors (Ingersoll Rand) • Specialty Pumps (General Pump)

• High End Cordless Power Tools (De Walt, Black and Decker) • Pressure Washers (Simpson, Stihl, Karcher)

• Ladders (Bauer, Little Giant, Michigan Ladder)

• Paint Sprayers/AirBrushes (Graco, Badger)

• Multi Purpose Wood Working Tools (Shopsmith, Viking, Stihl) • 3D Printers, plastic or metal (3D Systems, MakerBot,

• Specialty/High End Knives (Benchmade, Gerber)

• Specialty Van Conversion (Moduline, WorkVanEquipment)

• Telescopes, Microscopes, Binoculars (Celestron, Explore Scientific, Orion)

• Cameras, Equipment (Red Cameras, GoPro, Lytro)

• Security Cameras, Devices (AV Costar, FLIR)

• Home Gym Exercise Equipment, Spin Bikes, Fitness Mirrors (Rogue Fitness, Bowflex, American Barbell, Lulu Lemon)

• Residential Waste Bin Cleaning equipment (

• Meat Smokers, BBQ’s (Weber, Yoder, Traeger)

• Covid-19 Disinfecting Spray Machines -Electrostatic (, JRacenstein)

• Indoor Air Purifiers (Office and residential, Levoit, Oransi, Alen)

• Stainless/Aluminum Commercial Mailbox Clusters (

I'm happy to answer questions here. DM if you'd like a copy of the first chapter in exchange for feedback. To your success!

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