Questions about advertising and profit margins.

Hello everyone, I hope someone could tell me something about adsets and ads in general. So I’m 19 yrs old at this moment, and back in 2020 when I got 18 I started my onlineshop. I did a bunch of research, and actually did run the ads. The website was not perfectly optimized, but it was okay so far.

I started with facebook ads, because I thought they would be more profitable as I could go onto google ads later on. I set a maximum of adspent per day to 10€ and I had two adsets. But, after around one week, I stopped them, because I saw how much money a few impressions cost, and did not continue to build my online shop.

In the last few weeks, I kinda regretted that decision. Because, in the beginning you have to invest, and advertisement isn’t cheap. Also, with a max. of 10€ per day or if I turn the ads off after one week there wouldn’t be any success. There could be, but the chances aren’t that high, because the pixel also hasn’t collected enough data.

I think, the product that I had was quite good. I could reopen the shop, the domain and the shop included the catalogue can be easily recovered. But now, I have a few questions:

  • Are facebook ads at the beginning really that good, or do you recommend google ads?

  • How long, with how much adspent per day the ads should be online, till I know, if I should continue advertising or not? Or till, optimizing adsets?

  • what would be your recommended adspent that should be set per day?

  • Ads should be emotional, but I don’t think that I’m able, to be so emotional and write good texts in order to get customers. Are there services on fiverr for example?

  • What should be the profit margin after all? So I searched and looked, and I couldn’t find a website which does offer the same product as I did, in relation to germany. But I wasn’t really quite sure, if I should have priced the product higher, I don’t think so. And the profit margin, was not that high. So maybe, I should even switch the product?

  • Let’s say the product would fail. What’s the best thing to find a profitable business modell and/or product to continue, with money left of 1,5K?

I know, that Dropshipping isn’t something I wanna do. Too much paypal claims, too much customers which don’t trust you because of the shipping time etc etc etc.

I would be okay with, putting 2K in such a project again. I could do even more, but I don’t wanna put my stress level too high up with that much money invested.

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