Multi-vendor marketplace for digital products.

Hi everyone

I'm planning to build an MVP for a multi-vendor marketplace to sell digital products only.

My requirements:

a. Digital products will be sent to buyer's email and be available in their profiles to be downloaded.

b. Item page needs to have some map functionality, to show locations on maps etc. How to achieve this?

c. Ability to get location specific digital products. E.g. on the homepage, there will be a search bar where buyers can search for location. Say, New York, then New York specific products are displayed and buyer can buy.

d. Comments on item + Reviews.

Can you please guide:

  1. Will WooCommerce + Dokan be sufficient for my requirements? Any other better alternatives. (trying to launch as quickly as possible since it's an MVP and I need to test my most riskiest assumption that this marketplace will work)

  2. How to implement the map functionality? And search by locations. Any plugins?

Thank you so much!

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