YouTube Call To Action / Merch: What Has Worked for You?

Hey e-commerce gang, I have a YouTube channel that's been growing slowly but surely. The problem is, I've neglected the merch side of things, so my daily views and potential conversions are being WASTED. Oh no!

I'm approaching 1K subs on this particular channel and while my branding isn't the best or most professional or coherent, I still feel I aught to be putting a quick reference to my merch at the beginning of my video, if even for just the first 10 seconds or so. I've come up with a few designs so far and I was going to keep it as simple as…

"Hey, thanks so much for watching! Don't forget to like, share and subscribe, and be sure to check out my merch link below. It really helps the channel. I always appreciate your support!" Just some quick text at the beginning, and a quick glance at a few designs quickly while saying that, and that's it, get right into the video. This channel is in the gaming niche btw. Maybe put something simple at the end as well, and that's about it. I'd be using TeeSpring for this particular application.

Has this kind of quick and short approach worked for you? What's your conversion rate been like? I've been seeing a typical YouTube conversion rate of something like .10 to .20 percent, or about 1-2 per thousand views, although somehow that seems a bit optimistic. What has your conversion been like regardless of your niche? Because honestly, making $10-20 per thousand views, plus YouTube ad revenue seems like a good deal, but again, I see figures all over the place and I just don't know what to ACTUALLY expect. What are your guys' experience and thoughts?

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