Need help with technicalities. New shop, dont know how to continue.

So, first of I want to thank this forum a LOT! You guys have been so helpful on this jurney, and i know i can only have gotten this far with your help answering other peoples questions, but im kinda stuck, so now I hope someone experienced will decide to help me out.

Here goes,

Ive done my research. Found products that i want to sell, found a decent supplier, got the samples, sent a Quality control specialist to go in person to check on their inventory, built a relationship with the supplier and I ordered a batch of a few products from him under my brand. Speaking of which, used services from a designer, made a beautiful website, branded everything, all swell so far.

Now, i have inventory in china, ready to get packed under my design instructions and shipper whether i want it to be per sale or in bulk to Do FBA. And im stuck.

What is my problem ? Not sure, but i have a hunch

  1. Im not from the USA. I wanna sell there though, cuz im in the weed accessories niche, and i believe that is a good market for me( not very legal here ) Stripe offered to make an LLC for me, but i can do it via an EU bank account, which is easier for accounting for me. But, if i decide to ship products to do FBA, who does my customs, taxes, etc? Where do i even start on that field?

  2. Barcoding. What on earth should i put there? Amazon label as well, how to deal with this? Who to ask?

  3. Bundled items. As im selling a box of a kind which sells a bunch of smaller accessories, what fullfilment 3p can actually ship it that way for me ? With the pricing being per item, if they buy a bundle, will fba charge me for the 6-8 items inside individually, or i should send it to amazon prepacked?

  4. Marketing. Gurus, i need you. Didnt even think that its illegal to advertise drug related stuff( grinders,etc ) on social media and google. How do i go about this? Are influencers my only hope?

Thank you kindly gents. Hope you can help.


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