Brick and mortar store looking to boost e commerce

Hi guys. Hoping to get some advice from some people with more experience in the ecommerce sector.

I'm a part business owner of a small business with a family member ( less than 5 staff total, €1m in sales). Since covid hit we have tried to move some of our business online. I had set up a shopify store which was helping to some degree and has since returned more hits with much fewer conversions.

Just looking at the Google analytics for the last 28 days we have had 2.4k site visits with 90% of them being organic. From them 2.4k site visits shopify has said that 150 resulted in people adding stuff to their cart, 80 had reached the checkout but zero purchases were made.

I'm not really sure where to be looking from here. We do charge delivery because all items we sell are large and bulky we are unable to absorb the delivery costs involved with them. Our focus is mainly on local busines within say 100km of the shop and it seems as if most of our hits are local. Our competitors also all charge for delivery with some offering free delivery if the order is over €x amount (usually €500).

Our pricing is slightly higher than some of our competitors however the cheaper ones do not have a brick and mortar store so would not have the same overheads as us and are a fully online business.

Can someone point me in the right direction here as I truly believe we can improve the ecommerce side of the business. There has to be something we are doing wrong which is resulting in the

Thanks in advance.

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