State of the r/ecommerce Sub

As Vice-President of the sub (a title that I gave myself for my own amusement and does not denote any 'official' position that I have) I would like to give some statistics that I think might be of interest to some users.

  • In the past month, there have been 47 accounts banned from the sub, either by mods or by BotDefense. This is a fairly typical amount of monthly bans.

  • The sub has a daily mean of 4,432 unique views, and 12,627 pageviews

  • Tuesday has the highest daily views average, while Saturday has the least.

  • In the past year, March 2021 had the highest monthly pageviews with 452,564. This is followed by January 2021 with 423,175. The month with the least was June 2020 with 320,205.

  • The single most pageviews in a day for the past 3 months was 15,261, which was on May 4, 2021. The least pageviews was just a few days ago – May 9, with 8,990. Seems Mother's Day kept some people off Reddit!

  • Although I can't see an exact number, it looks like the daily Unsubscribe rate is somewhere around 25-30.

  • The highest number of new subs on a single day for the past 3 months was 235, which was on April 5, 2021

  • The most common methods for viewing the sub (from most to least popular) is New Reddit, Reddit App, Mobile Web, and Old Reddit.

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