Using behavioural insights for optimizing conversions

Digging into User Behaviour data can help you uncover INCREDIBLE opportunities for your ecommerce store.

Not only for optimizing conversions on your website, but also helping you putting the right message in front of your customers.


Analyzing behavioural data for one of our clients, we found visitors who VIEWED the "Compare Us" page were:

✅ 5.8x more likely to add an item to their cart

✅ 5.7x more likely to checkout

✅ 4.9x more likely to complete a transaction

(see screenshot of data)

This data allowed us to accomplish a few things:

  1. We asked better questions about why the "Compare Us" page content was impacting conversions and what it meant to customers in their buying journey
  2. Our data scientists explored micro-segments of users (within the “Compare Us” page view segment) to gain deeper insights about users and behaviour
  3. We ran experiments applying key messages from the “Compare Us” page to other parts of the funnel (product page, checkout, advertising etc.) to improve conversions and sales


User behaviour trends exist in all websites.

They are powerful.

And you can use it to optimize the performance of your website, strengthen your brand/emails/advertising, and improve the experience for your customers.

It's low hanging fruit you can't afford not to pay attention to.

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