Giving ecommerce account access concerns

I am trying to set up an eBay store with the help of a freelancer overseas. He has a good review and made over 10k on upwork alone doing this thing. It is a 50/50 partnership. We are at an early stage of setting up a store and he asked me to setup accounts on eBay sellers account ,amazon buyers account and Yabelle. The issue I am having is that he asked me to give him my credential for the accounts. I asked him to give me his email so that I add him and give him the privilege to do his tasks but he is not buying it. From his review, he does sound trustworthy but again we had short chat which he sounds like demanding it saying that he will make sure my privacy will be safe and such. What could go wrong if I give him my credential. Also, is there a way to give him good enough privilege by adding his email on the account?

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