If I was to convince my parents on a business idea, how should I prove it?

Hey Entrepreneurs! Please offer me some advice or your thoughts, as I'm in a bit of odd situation, I'm currently a university student studying building engineering but I have a business idea Id rather work on.

Ideally my parents want me to finish my studies early, so my mom can cut down her work hours and relax more where I'll shift into her position and help with house payments, and I really do want to help them achieve this, but for months I've had zero motivation to do anything productive and that goes for studying, I barely touch my notes or goto classes, I'm kinda sad and just feel like I need one big break. Except the thought of my business which is running through my mind and mapping, I kinda enjoy that process of thinking of problems I'm going to encounter and just planning for anything that goes wrong.

The business idea it self is to have my own brand of products (tech related bits), I know I can scale this brand but it will take a bit off time.

I wanted to propose my parents the idea of letting me off for 1 semester (6 months) so I can start this business.

With the information I've given, if you were my parents, what kind additional information would you want to see to know "ok it might work for him" rather than sounding like I'm over my head. What kind of facts and data would convince YOU that I didn't mention?

Thank you so much

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