Should I buy 500 units?

I first listed an item two months ago which has since sold 410 units, all fulfilled by dropshipping. This shop will be changing from dropshipping to fulfillment out of my garage, though I will likely continue to dropship a small portion of sales which I will not be able to fulfill myself due to lack of necessary inventory (maximum 10% of sales) I am debating wether I should buy 200 units at $2.19/pc or 500 units at 1.89/pc. I may also save on shipping with a purchase of 500 units rather than 200.

Additional info -Gross revenue per unit $13.75, slightly less when selling multiple -Previously paid $4.3-$5.1 to dropship each unit -Sold 266 units in the past 30 days (as of 8PM day 30) -Projecting sales to increase during Summer -Shipping 200 units from China would cost $98, unsure on cost to ship 500

tl;dr: Would it be unwise to buy 500 units when I have only sold 410 total over the past two months?

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