Should I set up a second store/LLC for US market?

I have designed a product which is a wearable wristband for Apple AirTag. ( I signed up to a 12 month Business VIP plan on Wix however since I have stared taking pre-orders 80% of my customers are in the US. Visitors to sale ratio for UK and European customers is about 15% but around 1% for US (although I have had a lot of US visitors).

I am wondering if the fact that my site is priced in £ is putting people off. Wix do not offer multicurrency so exploring moving to Shopify as my volume more than justifies the increased cost however, I am wondering whether it would be more prudent to set up a separate US website.

Based on peoples experience could people please give me their opinions on the following

1) are US shoppers put off by prices being displayed in other currencies.

2) are US shoppers put off by retailers being overseas

3) would marketing my site as British based be an advantage or disadvantage for US shoppers

I will probably be looking for a 3PL partner to fulfil my US orders, in which case would how much of an advantage would setting up a US LLC be for public perception. We are already a incorporated LTD company in the UK.

Many thanks

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