Should I use CBO as a beginner for a one-product store?

I tried posting this on the dropshipping sub, but it was banned. Not sure if this is the best sub, if not, please guide me to one that'll be more of help

Basically the title. Working on my first campaign, and CBOS came up pretty often. Just wondering if I should use it in my one-product store. I've done some research, and one source recommended I don't use it, as I want to target one audience (or something along those lines), but that's just one source, wanted to the other opinions.

Here's my ad strategy (if it matters):

1 campaign with 5-6 adsets (still working out interests, if there are any tips, feel free to let me know), with a $5 budget for each adset, and 2 different ads for each adset (for testing)

Not sure if that's the proper way to describe an ad strategy, so I'll be glad to clear up any confusion

If there any improvements I can make to the strategy, please let me know.

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