Thoughts on Switching Facebook Checkout Settings?

I got an offer from Facebook today that they'll give me credit to run an ad worth $2,500 for free, if I just change my checkout settings on Facebook. I have a small online store and I linked it to a product manager in Facebook so that I could tag products on Instagram. My understanding of switching checkout settings is that if someone sees one of my products listed on Facebook or Instagram and they're interested in buying it, they would be able to buy it within the Facebook app, rather than being directed to my website. And in doing so, Facebook would collect a 5% fee off those transactions (the offer I received did say they would waive fees through June). Obviously, it's an intriguing offer, but I'm a little unsure. Questions for anyone nice enough to actually read this:

  1. What are your thoughts/experiences on using Facebook for checkout?
  2. Does this apply to Facebook and Instagram?
  3. Would I ever be able to switch Facebook checkout methods back to going to my own site?
  4. Is a single ad "valued at $2,500" really worth it? I've seen people pour money into Facebook ads and get almost no response. It seems like you have to run a couple campaigns and invest long term to really get Facebook ads to work for you.

The weird thing about this subject is how hard it is to get people's actual opinions on this. Facebook has had so many arcane, weird initiatives with selling/ads that it's hard to tell what exactly I'm being offered and how it works. Anytime I actually try to Google the subject, the results are usually just horrible pages that are trying to game SEO or Facebook's own info on the matter. Any feedback is appreciated.

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