Focus on the data… Your opinion doesn’t matter.

Client: "I know my customers. They’re between 25 to 35 years old.”

Data: “Looks like conversion rates for 45 to 65+ are 200% higher”

Client: “Maybe. But that must be an anomaly. We’re investing all of our marketing budgets to target a much younger demographic.”

Data: “That’s unfortunate because 45 to 65+ actually make up more than 42% of total revenue and your Cost-Per-Acquisition is 200% cheaper than 25 to 35-year-olds…. maybe you should look into investing more of your marketing to target this older audience.”

Client: “So you’re telling me my product works better with an older audience?”

Data: “Yes.

Client: “And that I should shift my marketing and sales efforts to align to this new demographic?”

Data: “Yes.”

Client: “That completely changes our marketing strategy and product positioning.”

Data: “Well it’s a good thing you know now before you invest anymore”


Your opinion doesn’t matter.

Your data does.

Start leveraging the information your capture to its full potential and you’ll start making waves in your business.

P.S. This is a romanticized version of a REAL conversation I had with a client last month. Facts. Not fiction.

Check out numbers and see for yourself. All the same company.

Sessions by Age (Bar Graph)

Conversion Rates by Age (Bar Graph)

Sessions by Age (Pie Chart)

Revenue by Age (Pie Chart)

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