I want to create your small e-commerce website, for free!

Hi everyone, I'm a software developer based in Italy, and sometimes I make a side project, like the last that I'm doing: Salesjar! One of the strengths of the application is the layout builder, an instrument that provides the possibility to manage your e-commerce appearance and widget into the page, so it is perfect to create mini e-commerce for hobbies or like.

In the firstest step of the application, I want to create your website for free, so it is mean that you can contact me (pm), send me your products (max. 20-25), tell me what kind of object you are going to sell, and I will develop your website into Salesjar and give you the access and support to manage it!

Of course, I will accept only a limited number of "projects" and I can take some times to make it because of personal things and others!

Feel free to contact me! 🙂

The link to the post that I wrote for the project:

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