Rookie here, Looking to expand worldwide (or at least Europe to start with): I have a couple of questions please!

Hi, I have an e-commerce that's doing quite well here in Italy, but is getting a lot of attention around Europe and USA/Canada.

I've looked into shipping costs and damn, they're expensive 🙂 Around €25 all inclusive (carbon and taxes) for Europe, €39 for USA and Canada

Please correct my assumptions (from online reading):

  • DHL is the best to ship from Europe to the rest of the world

  • DHL is also a good option to ship in Europe, but DPD is cheaper (difficult to create labels, though)

  • Would you consider TNT?

  • there are only express options to ship around the world?

  • is it true that, to ship outside the EU you need to have an EORI number, for every shipment you need to fill in a CN22 or CN23(+CP71) form and attach a commercial invoice, etc.

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